Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andy Anderson

The next morning dawned clear and cool.  After breakfast I followed the directions to Mr. Anderson's farm where the Jungmann was stored.  Eric and Dennis Anderson and Greg Heckman were there waiting. I took a quick look at the project and it appeared to be as advertised so we adjourned to the house to do business. I was still nervous that they would change their minds but everything went smooth and we headed back to the utility building to begin loading. Greg was under a time constraint so I did not take many pictures during loading. The fuselage went in first and fit just perfect in the 16 ft truck, we loaded the engine next. With these secure, the three wings were hung on the sides and all the remaining parts were wrapped in blankets and stored on the floor. I was glad I had brought my coveralls because it was quite cold until I got working. Here is the truck in position to load.

Here is Greg and Andy Anderson. I believe Andy imported the airplane from Spain in the 70's.

Andy's brother Dennis owned the other half, he's on the left.

They had managed to find most of the pieces of the airplane and had them near the door. I tried to take inventory as we loaded but not being familiar with the design made it difficult. We loaded parts for about 2 hours and the truck was almost full, it took some packing to get it all in.
Here are some shots.

Suspending the wings from the wall tie downs really cushions the ride. The parts on the floor hardly even move during the trip, and I hit some real bumps!\
I was so happy that only one lower wing panel had been disassembled, it makes the puzzle so much easier when you have a pattern. All the wings need rebuilding to some extent. Everything is covered with a layer of Midwestern farm dust, you can see it on the back of the spars. I counted all the big pieces as they went in the truck and it appears that most of it is there.
I had wanted a Jungmann ever since I saw the brochure from Jose Martin selling them for $4000 in the crate from Spain, maybe 1978?
With the loading complete I said my goodbyes and pointed the truck back toward Cincinnati. With the 30 knot tailwind the ride was much more enjoyable.
I stopped at my favorite Mexican place just west of Indianapolis and rolled into the Ramada Inn parking lot about 10 PM.
A long but very pleasant day.

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