Monday, March 5, 2012

Pickup Complete

With the Jungmann safely in the truck, I got a good night's sleep at the Ramada Inn in Florence , Ky.
The rain had moved out overnight, so after a good breakfast I put it in the wind for home. Here we are at the morning load check before hitting the AA highway.

It was a great morning for traveling because the high overcast blocked the morning sun. After lunch in Grayson , KY I got on I64 for the trip through the Appalachians. I was stopping about every 100 miles now because the truck was killing me with no cruse control !

I was just happy to get through the mountains without any real weather issues. The West Virginia TP can get real dicey in the snow. I pulled into the Virginia Welcome Center late afternoon, just 250 miles from home!

20 miles into VA the clouds parted and the sun came out making for a beautiful evening drive.

This grass strip and two Luscombe's are just west of Lexington along I64.

I hit Afton mountain right at sunset, 100 miles from home and it's all downhill from here!

I had budgeted $1500 for the pickup trip and I used it all. I put 633.9 miles on the car and burned 26.737 gal for 23.709 mpg. I drove a total of 1,485 miles in the truck and burned 123.051gal for 12.07 mpg.   That's a trip total of 2,118.9 miles in four days burning 149.788 gals. The trip total cost including fuel, food, hotels, snacks, coffee, car and truck rental and tolls was $1,541.76. It was a great adventure.

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