Sunday, March 4, 2012

Road Trip !

I immediately started planning the road trip to pick up the Jungmann. With the short notice help was in short supply. The owners offered to help load so I was looking at a solo trip. I broke the trip into quarters. Road trip to Cincinnati, truck to Chicago, truck to Cincinnati, then truck home. That made for 500 mile days which is about my limit. I had to carefully watch the weather since it was late fall and I wanted to complete the pickup before it snowed.
The trip started with a National one way rental from Newport News airport to Cincinnati airport. The Penske Truck rental place is right by the airport. I had a beautiful drive through the mountains and had no real problems. Of course it started raining about 2 hrs out of CVG .

The little minivan was comfortable and gave no problems. The totals for the day , 633.9 miles, 26.737 gal.

After a restful nights sleep at the beautiful Ramada Inn in Florence, Ky, I headed over to Penske to pick up the rental truck. Of course the truck was not ready, I had called numerous times to confirm last week and the day before, Oh well. It worked out good because they offered to pick me up at the airport after I dropped off the rental car. Since this is Cincinnati of course it was raining and miserable!

When we got back they had my 16 footer ready to go and I hit the road just a little behind schedule.

I hit the road for Dixon, IL , unfortunately I was running parallel to a front and it rained the entire trip. the worst part was the constant 20-30 kt headwind that increased the wind noise dramatically. I pulled into the Super 8 Hotel in Dixon about 7 PM for some much needed rest. The total for the day was 461.5 miles, 39.917 gallons. I never thought a Super 8 could look so good!

Here are a couple shots from the weather channel showing the weather. The forecast is for sunny and 65 tomorrow, with a strong tailwind.

The wind was brutal.

The Jungmann is only 20 miles away ! The plan is to meet and load tomorrow at 09:30.

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